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One of India's biggest film financiers and a leading diamond merchant, Bharat Shah, has been released on bail after spending more than a year in detention for suspected links with the underworld, his son said. Shah was arrested by Bombay police in January 2001 in connection with the financing of a star-studded Bollywood production "Chori Chori Chupke Chupke", one of more than 100 films he has financed, many of which were Indian blockbusters. "The Supreme Court granted my father bail today afternoon," the financier's son, Rajiv, told Reuters. "He has to pay a bond amount of 100,000 rupees." Shah, currently undergoing medical treatment in Bombay Hospital, had been refused bail on several occasions by lower courts before approaching India's highest court. "We will bring him home when he recovers," said Rajiv, adding his father was being treated for several medical complications, including diabetes. Shah's sensational arrest sent shock waves through Bollywood, one of the most prolific film industries in the world, which has long been plagued by allegations of underworld financing.

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