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Home / Reviews & Previews / Raja Bhaiyya
The Film: Raja Bhaiyya
Starring: Govinda, Aarti Chabbria, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Tej Sapru, Tiku Talsania, Rakesh Bedi and others
Directed By: Raman Kumar
Music: Nadeem - Shravan
Story, screenplay, Dialogues: Rajeev Kaul and Praful Parekh
Lyrics: Sameer
Choreography: Chinni Prakash - Rekha Prakash
Action: Mahendra Verma
Cameraman: Shripad Natu
Produced by: Maan Singh 'Deep' and Kalyani Singh
RATING: 3/10

An immense talent like Govinda is getting wasted in movies which have nothing new to offer except new ways of buffoonery. His is the example that has taught new actors the perils of getting into a rut by doing similar roles.

Raja (Govinda needs that break from acting that he has been discussing about for the past year or so) lives in a small town Saharanpur in UP. He has taken a vow of celibacy for his entire life, and keeps his distance from females.

Meanwhile, a rich heiress Pratibha (Aarti Chhabria; sweet girl, skimpy clothes) has a car accident which leaves her with amnesia (Maybe that explains the memory loss for the scriptwriters too as they forget to give her any injuries except a few scratches.). She is given shelter by Govinda's mother, which irks him and he tries to get rid of her.

Govinda's mother however decides that she is the ideal "bahu" for her, and promptly marries him off to Govinda with some dose of emotional blackmail in spite of his protests. He however falls in love with Aarti when she saves his mother from a fire on their wedding night.

But unfortunately for the audience, this is not the end. Aarti's assorted uncles arrive and bundle her off to Mumbai, where she suffers another selective dose of amnesia whereby she forgets her time with Govinda and remembers everything else (Sadma anyone!!!).

How Govinda comes over to reclaim her and set her memory straight with a very effective resounding slap is what makes up the rest of the movie.

Govinda has even stopped making an effort. He seems totally at a loss and sleepwalks through the role. It seems it is he who is suffering from amnesia and not Aarti. He looks tired of the same old routine, and his act is not something he will be proud of. Aarti is full of zest, though that does not translate into good acting. She tries to perform to the best of her ability, which is not much. She looks good though in some of the scenes. The rest of the cast including Sadashiv Amrapurkar serve to function as the recipients of Govinda's absurd antics.

Raman Kumar has resurfaced after a long time, and I hope he does not resurface again for another long spell if this is the way he wants to make films. The story and screenplay by Rajeev Kaul and Praful Parekh is too absurd to warrant any comment. They need a resounding slap to make them get to their senses. Music by Nadeem-Shravan and Surender Sodhi is cacophonic except for the "Tum jo has has ke" track, where lyricist Sameer decides to spoil it instead. Technically, this film should be labeled a B-grade effort.

1. This film is one of the few earlier commitments (like "Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karenge", "Yahoo", "Ek Haseena Ek Deewana" and "Hum Do Hamara Ek") left for Govinda. He has decided to keep of comedies henceforth.

2. This film was just shot in 38 days, which is a record for Govinda, who has often had movies delayed by many years due to his shooting dates.

3. Govinda sings a track "Sunday Manao" after his earlier unsuccessful singing record for the track "I want money" in "Wah! Tera Kya Kehna".

4. Priyanka Chopra was the original choice for the role that Aarti does in this film. She later walked out of the movie.

5. The director Raman Kumar is well known for his association with films such as "Deewar" and "Noorie" where he was an assistant director, as well as for directing films like "Saath Saath" and soaps like the popular "Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi".

Don't even dare to step into that movie theater unless you want to sue the makers for inflicting mental torture on you.

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