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Home / Reviews & Previews / Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon
The Film: Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon
Director: Chandan Arora
Starring: Antara Mali, Rajpal Yadav and Govind Namdeo
RATING: 6/10

RGV productions, even if not directed by Ramu himself, have his distinct touch in slick production values. What the films lack is the soul that he puts in to the films he directs. MMDBCH is a very different look attempted at the glamour world of Bollywood; an honest look; and that is where it succeeds.

A synopsis for a film with such a self-explanatory title seems redundant, but anyway, here goes. Chutki (Antara Mali looking ethereal in some scenes and plain ordinary in others) is a Madhuri Dixit fan. She has stars in her eyes, and her dream is to be like her. She is the life of her small town, where she is the star performer at all functions. Raja (Rajpal Yadav in an endearing performance which steals the thunder from Antara) is in love with her. He is ready to undergo all kinds of sacrifices to see her happy. To fulfil her dream of going to Mumbai and making it big as a star, Rajpal enters into a marriage of convenience with her. They reach the city of dreams, and start off pretty badly. The rest of the film is about how their preconceived notions get shattered and how their trials and tribulations help them garner a foothold in the city. On the way, they have to cope with a lecherous junior actor Rumi (Raman Trika carrying off his role convincingly) and a ?filmi? agent Pyarelal (Govind Namdeo) with ambiguous intentions.

The finest performance in this film without doubt is the one given by Rajpal Yadav. The ease with which he moulds himself into the character of Raja is amazing. No loud performance, no overt dialogue, he conveys all he needs to through his body language. His performance though not comic, prevents the film from becoming utterly dark.Antara Mali is good in her imitation of Madhuri?s mannerisms, her style et al. She also bears an uncanny resemblance to Madhuri in many of the scenes. She acts fine too, but what obstructs her from giving one of the best performances in recent years is her lack of show of ambition and desperation that the character needs. She shows sparks of brilliance, case in point being her confrontation with Trika. Govind Namdeo, Raman Trika and Sudhir Pandey offer good support to the lead players.

Director Chandan Arora makes a good debut with an unusual subject. He is a good storyteller. The relationship between Rajpal Yadav and Antara has been unfolded with such minute care that it belies the fact that this is Chandan?s debut film. But, he probably forgot all his previous skills as an editor. The editing, by Amit Pawar is at fault as the film could have benefited by a cut of about 20 minutes. Choreographer Shabina Khan deserves special mention for making Antara dance like Madhuri. Songs penned by Nitin Raikwar and given tunes by Amar Mohile are run of the mill, but help in advancing the story.

1) RGV?s long-standing film editor Chandan Arora debuts as a director with this movie.

2) RGV had offered Chandan Arora the movie ?Shool? as his directorial debut; but Chandan could not accept the offer at the time and so ?Shool? was directed by another RGV assistant E. Nivas.

3) Writer and director Anurag Kashyap had introduced Rajpal to RGV during the making of Shool, where Rajpal had a miniscule role. RGV liked him and offered him a role in ?Mast? even though the filming for it was nearly complete.

4) Antara Mali has never met Madhuri Dixit till now, even though her father (well known photographer Jagdish Mali) has interacted with her a lot.

5) Rajpal Yadav won two best villain awards for RGV?s ?Jungle? even though he was not the main villain (Sushant Singh was the main villain in ?Jungle?).

Nice endearing movie with its heart in the right place. Though some parts of the movie will make you frown, you might end up leaving the movie hall with a smile on your face. Watch it for a good performance by Rajpal Yadav. He provides the most poignant moments in this film.

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