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Home / Reviews & Previews / Inteha
The Film: Inteha
Director: Vikram Bhatt
Starring: Ashmit Patel, Nauheed Cyrusi and Vidya
Music: Anu Malik
RATING: 5/10

Thrillers have been the mainstay of the Bhatt brigade ever since the success of "Kasoor" and "Raaz". Not only have they overstayed their welcome, they have also become too predictable to be entertaining.

Tina (Nauheed Cyrusi after her sweet turn debut in the flop "Supari") is a brat whose charge is with her stepsister Nandini (Newcomer Vidya Mallavde). Nauheed falls hard for a stranger who secretly photographs her. The stranger turns out to be Ranbir Oberoi (Ashmit Patel forgetting to shave for the most part of this movie. Who does he think he is? Hrithik Roshan???) who talks of building a seven star hotel in Koti.

Nauheed already hates Vidya for interfering in her life, and they have fights due to Ashmit, whom Vidya has already started suspecting of having dark secrets. Vidya starts digging into Ashmit's past, and then starts a game of cat and mouse, and a number of silly confrontations between them. Ahmit's past unfolds in a manner which makes Vidya afraid of her sister's fate if she continues with him, and she starts taking steps to prevent it.

Newcomer Ashmit Patel acts OK, no great shakes about his debut, but he certainly needs to get his make-up more consistent. He has an uncanny resemblance in his looks as well as his acting style to Arbaaz Khan. He looks good in some scenes, but in others, he looks something the cat dragged in on a bad day. The make-up is inconsistent for all the actors, and for the first 20 minutes in the film, they look horrible. Nauheed acts better than in her debut "Supari", but that doesn't mean much. Vidya is good in most of the scenes, and she is the one who is most likely to benefit from this movie. Anoop Soni also drops in as a boyfriend of Vidya's but hardly has any scope to perform.

Vikram Bhatt looks like he is going the Mahesh Bhatt way (directing films by the dozen, and not paying much attention to any of them.). Most of the scenes have been shot in the dark, with candles burning everywhere, making us suspect whether Koti has heard of the wonders of electricity. Also, writer Mahesh Bhatt seems to have flicked some of the stuff Vikram was planning for the Amitabh-Bipasha starrer Aetbar(Yes, the film's spelling has been changed from "Aitbar" after consulting some numerologist.). The script has gaping holes which make it look like a victim of Jack the Ripper. Music by Anu Malik and lyrics by Rahat Indori, Praveen Bhardwaj and Dev Kohli are functional. Pravin Bhatt, as usual is good with the cinematography (He should be, he must be so familiar with the locales considering all Bhatt movies seem to be shot in the same places).

1. Ashmit had earlier assisted Vikram Bhatt in Raaz, Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage and Awara Paagal Deewana.

2. Director Vikram Bhatt has dubbed Ashmit's voice in this film too. Nauheed Cyrusi's voice has also been dubbed, while Vidya Mallavde's voice has been retained. Vikram had also dubbed Dino Morea's voice in 'Raaz' and Aftab Shivdasani's voice in 'Kasoor'.

3. The Bhatts started this practice after Rahul Roy's "Aashiqui" (directed by Mahesh Bhatt) became a huge hit in which Rahul's voice was dubbed. They have grown superstitious about it, but they don't realize that their recent "Footpath" in which Emraan Hashmi's voice was dubbed was a complete washout.

4. If you watch this movie in spite of my warnings, remember to listen attentively to the scene where the police come over to arrest Ashmit on suspicion in a murder case. The police guy says that the murder occurred in the hotel "Blue Diamond", whereas they have been mentioning "Blue Star" till then, and then again revert to "Blue Star" after a while. Seems the continuity director had been sleeping in on of the aforementioned hotels.

Inteha? a test? of what? The viewers' patience, or their memory (whether they remember that the last thriller from the Bhatt camp seemed absolutely the same except for the actors.)! Forget this movie. Not worth the money. If you do decide to watch it, please don't forget to also take along a bottle of aspirin.

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